Arrival at Fulshaind Rural Health Development Centre, Sylhet, Bangladesh as Consultant Adviser

Our tourist shop - Plaza de Armas, Iquitos, Peru

July 2001

"Dodoma Together" Project - Tanzania Feb 2002

Assignment in Somaliland - February 2003

SE Asia Earthquake - Helo survey of disaster area: Balakot and Kaghan Valley, Xmas 2005

Puppet Theatre - President's Birthday, Kazakhstan July 2015 (and World Harmony Festival Bangkok November 2014/Vilnius, Lithuania May 2016)

International Puppet Festival - Nanchong, China

June 2017

PUN Puppet Festival, Kolkata India - November 2017

1998-2001: Consultant Adviser, Women's Healthcare Centre, Lima, Peru

Meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka

Bangladesh, February 2001

Extended family - vicinity of historic Francisco de Orellana, Río Napo, Amazonia -2001

Water pumps for villagers - central Tanzania 2002

Hargeisa: Formulation of co-ordinated programme of assistance 2003

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Women in Small Enterprises - August 2006

Book Launch with Martin Bell - "Chicken Street" 

Rifles Club, Mayfair, 25th February 2013

     "Surrey-46" - Mall finish, 31st July 2016 

Ascent to Choqequirao - last refuge of the Incas (14.6.18)

British Executive Services Overseas Assignment Bangladesh January-March 2001

Amazon Botanical Garden Project - Santa Rita, Nr Iquitos, Peru - 2001

Meeting with rural beekeepers - Dodoma 2002

SE Asia Earthquake - North West Frontier Province, Pakistan: Autumn 2005/Spring 2006

First Sea Lord - Medal Presentation 11 July 2013

35 years ago - First London Marathon (1981)

Finisher 2,500/7,000 (3hrs 15mins)

Battersea Power Station Community Choir