ISBN 978-0-9566622-5-5

Balthazar loved driving his Bendy Bus.

And everyone loved Balthazar when he took them on  a surprise trip to the seaside.

So Balthazar was made Head of Happiness for all the Bendy Buses, and his Mum was very proud of him and he lived happily ever after.

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Extract from 5-Star Amazon review by 'Melissaleeguitars':

"I am the biggest kid on the planet.  I loved this book and hope to meet the head of happiness one day and go not only to the seaside but untold other places on his bus.  Perhaps the bus has special as yet unannounced powers … can it journey to exotic faraway places perhaps?  I much look forward to the ongoing adventures of Balthazar and his bus.  Don't forget to buy The Christmas Parade by the same author as well."

Comment by Mr Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

" … beautifully illustrated … "