• 'This humorous travel book tells the tale of an English advisor arriving in Peru to establish a ladies' healthcare centre in Lima.  John Lane paints an entertaining, colourful and eccentric picture of life in South America, from carnivals and bullfights to weddings and funerals ... from the Amazon to high in the snow-capped Andes.' (Royal Over-seas League Journal)

  • 'John Lane's account opens a unique window on Peruvian society.' (Edinburgh Evening News)

  • 'This hilarious account of life in Lima is a truly readable book.' (Clitheroe Advertiser & Times)

  • 'John Lane throws himself into the thick of things when he accepts a post as adviser to the new Ladies' Health Care Clinic in Lima, Peru.  He arrives to find financial problems, a never diminishing queue of expectant women and a beautiful country that he is eager to explore at every opportunity.' (Wanderlust)

  • 'Recommended for large public libraries.' (USA  Library Journal)

  • 'John Lane's book takes him far from his native Battersea where he has been engaged to open and advise on a new health centre.  This is a very funny book which captures the spirit of Peru, particularly its slightly chaotic humour.  A Very Peruvian Practice has had super reviews ... buy a copy for some real autumnal cheer.' (SW Magazine - Streetwise Out & About)

A Very Peruvian Practice

Travels with La Señora

(Hardback/Paperback – ISBN 0 7195 6209 0/6217 1)

 (eBook - ISBN 978 1 78301 116 2)

John Murray 2002/2003 Bestsellers' List


'Our Clinic is mainly for the expecting woman,' La Señora explains to John Lane when he arrives to take up his post as adviser to the new Ladies' Health Care Clinic, Lima. However, there is still much to be done, the finances are fraught, and distractions are many and varied. The new adviser finds that a hefty challenge awaits him, not just in running the clinic, but in managing the owner, the irrepressible Señora. John Lane's hilarious account of life in Lima and the unconventional staff of the Clinic opens a unique window on Peruvian society and politics. A Very Peruvian Practice is one of the funniest and most perceptive books ever written about Peru.'


‘A hilarious commentary on life in Peru… delightful.’ 

    (Times Literary Supplement - John Ure)

  • 'I love this book.  John Lane has a wonderful turn of phrase, I cannot remember a book which made me laugh out loud as much as this one did.  Truly hilarious.'  (Hodder & Stoughton - Isla Dawes)

‘This is a delightful account of living in Peru ... with A Very Peruvian Practice on John Murray's best-seller list, Lane is set for a successful third career.' (The Field - Eluned Price)


  • 'I read this book and thought it was brilliant ... his narrative was so funny.'  (BBC Radio Newcastle - Gillian Henderson)


‘He is enormously funny … a fine comic writer and I

   hope he will find time to write more books.’

   (The Telegraph - Miranda France)


  • 'Lane plays straight man to La Señora. He proves himself far more interesting, but it's too bad he can't get a word in edgewise, despite the fact he's writing the book. As he says, "La Señora is a member of the last-word club." '  (The Good Book Guide)


‘A quirky, jovially funny memoir.’

   (The Times - Iain Finlayson)


  • 'A delight ... it reads like the best of Gerald Durrell.'  (Naval Review)


‘Writing in a wonderfully jovial style, Lane creates a

   highly perceptive and very funny depiction of

   Peruvian society. (Geographical Magazine)


  • 'The author is an ex-Royal Navy chap with a fine sense of humour.  Lane needed it too ...'  (Manchester Evening News)
  • 'Some people seem destined to lead unusual lives.  John Lane certainly seems to be one of them.' (Focus - Sylvia Rainsford)


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